cat 4Cats definitely know how to get exactly what they need. If its food in the morning, they will sit down right on your face or yowl incessantly until their bowl is full. If they are looking for a warm place to rest, work be damned, that laptop looks pretty comfortable. And when they don’t get what they are looking for, they sure have just the right face to let you know that they certainly don’t approve.

Each cat has its own distinct flavor of disgruntlement, so let’s see what kind of face this “I-want-it-all” cat makes when looking for a hint of ham.

Many pet owners will give their pet exactly what they want at any given time. But sometimes – sometimes – human knows best.

That won’t stop some pets from begging for a treat, though. One Japanese Twitter user basically wrote a four-panel comic using pictures of their cat in what can only be described as “I can haz ham?”

“Ooo…ham looks tasty. May I have some?” 

cat 1

“I reeeeeeeally want some. Just a little is OK!” 

cat 2

“Just put a little bit in my paw!” 

cat 3

No amount of pawing seems to be working as the faithful owner denies the goods.

“Beware…I know where you sleep!”

cat 4

So, cat does what cats do best, gives a dirty look that will make even the meanest of individuals cower in fear. Since this exchange between pet and pet owner is being shared on the Internet, the ham-less cat could be letting the cats of the world know that you can’t always get what you want. Or was this the conniving cat’s plan all along? If they get famous enough, fans might start sending in a ton of ham, which will definitely put this cat in hog ham heaven.

Source: Twitter (@twi_tenkomori)
Images: Twitter (@twi_tenkomori)