We hope you and your mothers all had great Mother’s Days this year and excellent presents were exchanged. Of course, sometimes the best present isn’t something you bought at the store but a hand-made work of art demonstrating your love for your mother, though we doubt anyone is going to complain about a new PlayStation 4.

We’ve already seen some of the most awesome (and awkward) Mother’s Day illustrations you can find at 7-Eleven, but today we have something slightly more…horrifying. This portrait made the rounds on Twitter in Japan last week, inducing laughter and nightmares!

The message tweeted with the illustration above reads: “My wife was crying, and when I questioned my son about it, he showed me this insane portrait he drew for Mother’s Day.”

The tweet, which was sent by an account that retweets popular items on Twitter, garnered a number of replies. This one, for example, says what we’re all thinking…

▼ “SCARY!”

Another user couldn’t help noticing some similarities shared with a certain anime poster.

▼ “It feels like the same thing…”

That said, this Twitter user brings up a good point…

▼ “This is scary, but the kid has incredible artistic ability!”

While we’d probably be crying too if that’s how our kids saw us, we also think the kid has a bright future as an artist for horror manga! Of course, that’s not the only mortifying Mother’s Day portrait floating around the Internet. Here are a few more from Japan that left us cringing and giggling.

For example, Kyari Pamyu Pamyu decided to show off her art skills. While we think she should probably stick to singing and talking to sneakers, we do like her thinking here.

▼ “I drew this because I thought something unique would be good.”

Getting back in line with the horror-themed Mother’s Day portraits, this should give you nightmares. Unless you are the child of a mutant turtle, we suppose.

▼ “It’s almost Mother’s Day, so I drew a portrait of my mother.”

Okay, this isn’t exactly a scary portrait, but it certainly does make you wonder how the artist sees their mother. “HOTTEST ALL OVER THE WORLD” isn’t necessarily a bad way to think about your mother…but drawing her like a character out of Frank Miller’s Sin City probably isn’t exactly healthy.

▼ Also, is that her tongue or does Mother have tusks?!

Finally, this one is more on the funny side than the horrifying side…but it definitely is awkward.

▼ We’ve seen Ultra Mom before, but never Ultra Sexy Mom…

Hopefully you all came up with something a bit less terrifying for your dear mothers than these drawings! Unless your mothers love horrifying, we suppose…

Source/image: Twitter (@twi_tenkomori)