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Recently, anime and video game fans have been sharing pictures online of the shoddily produced figurines that merchandisers have been foisting on them. This isn’t something that happens exclusively with low-profile franchises, either, as mega-hit Attack on Titan dropped the second of two plastic duds just last month.

Given the falling out between Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima and long-time employer Konami, you might think the famed game designer is taking a similarly apathetic attitude towards the merchandise for his upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Kojima is a pro, though, and not about to let his acrimonious situation with the game’s publisher discourage him from making sure the title and all its related products are of the utmost quality.

That’s right, Metal Gear fans, you can breathe easy, because it’s been confirmed that the figure of the game’s female sniper has soft, squishable breasts.

When a series gets to be as big and successful as Metal Gear Solid, the producers pull out all the stops in crafting extra goodies and collectibles so that die-hard fans can own a physical symbol of their passion. So Metal Gear Solid V is getting high-grade figures from the Play Arts Kai, a subdivision of Square Enix.

▼ The Play Arts Kai Snake figure, set to go on sale in July

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Leading man Snake isn’t the only character getting the Play Arts Kai treatment, though. Next up is Quiet.

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As you can see, Quiet has almost no clothes, although the game perhaps counterbalances this by giving her supernatural capabilities. The non-magical figure, unfortunately, lacks such powers, but does feature something many men find just as enchanting: soft breasts that can be played with, according to this tweet from Kojima himself.

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Despite the overt sex appeal, Kojima has hinted that once Metal Gear V is actually released and players learn the mysteries behind why so much of Quiet’s flesh is on display, he’ll be vindicated for the controversial character design decision.

▼ A tweet from Kojima in 2013, following the mixed reaction to Quiet’s initial unveiling

On the other hand, if you’re already completely comfortable with ogling (and fondling) Quiet regardless of what her backstory turns out to be, you may want to clear out some space on your shelf next to your pliable butt ninja girl figure for the voiceless sniper and her cushiony cleavage.

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