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Although April Fools’ Day is the prime time for playing tricks on your friends, that doesn’t mean the other 364 days of the year are completely off-limits. One Japanese man recently devised a very silly plan to startle his friend, but an unplanned turn of events left the trickster himself surprised and embarrassed.

Last Sunday, Twitter user @boxsterrs had a friend come over to visit his house for the first time. He thought that just sitting around the house would be too boring, however, so he set out to play a trick on said friend.

▼ The plan consisted of setting up a life-size love doll in the bathroom, posing her to look like she was in the middle of doing her business. 

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Wanting his other friends and followers to be in on the hilarity he assumed would ensue, the trickster kept tweeting updates about the prank.

Finally, the big moment came. The friend asked if he could use the restroom and the trickster gave his permission with a sly smile across his face.

Instead of a shriek of surprise and a cackle of laughter, the next thing to come out of the friend’s mouth was not as expected:

“Shoot, the doorknob broke off.”


With his love doll now stuck inside the bathroom (and a friend that needed to go), the trickster was in a bit of a sticky situation. If he called a repairman to come and fix the doorknob, they would undoubtedly see the love doll doing her thing on the toilet and be very confused and probably pretty judgmental.

Thanks to some advice from helpful Twitter followers, though, 45 minutes later the practical joker and his friend managed to get the door open.

▼ Hey, we fixed it… why’s there a doll on the toilet…?

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After the whole ordeal, the friend was less than amused by the love doll on the toilet, asking the trickster, “Why did you do something so idiotic?” 

Now feeling like an idiot, he tweeted:

▼ “I thought I was going to die (socially).”

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This young man seems to have killed his own societal reputation, however. Ironically, it wasn’t the love doll in the bathroom or the broken doorknob that killed him though; it was the constant updating of the whole event that commenters found most unappealing.

“He’s directing his own play.”
“He’s really fishing for hits.”
“An exaggeration, no doubt.”

While he got a bit of flak for his constant updates, is that not what Twitter is all about anyway? We’re not really sure what the big deal is. It may not have been the best practical joke on record, nor gone as smoothly as planned, but it still would have been funny to see the friend’s reaction, regardless of how stupid he thought it was.

What do you think? Would this have made you laugh or is it just too dumb?

Source/Images: Twitter (@boxsterrs) via Jin