There’s something super-creepy about mannequins, isn’t there? From certain angles, they almost look human, even the ones that are missing limbs or heads. And don’t get us started on child mannequins! Those things give us the wibbles, especially when they pop up in random public places

See if you can make it through this post without wanting your mommy!

It all started when a Twitter user @ya_onogi was checking out the properties available on their local real estate office’s window. There was a small child nearby peering through the glass, but the Twitter user figured it was just some kid whose parents were inside, and who had decided to step outside in a moment of boredom.

After a couple of minutes, though, they noticed something – the kid hadn’t moved a muscle.

Slightly freaked out, they decided to call out to the kid. “Hey there, are you on your own?”


Now increasingly worried that there might be something wrong with the little tyke, they put a friendly hand on the kid’s shoulder. But… something felt wrong. Something felt… strangely soft… squishy… dare we say... inhuman.

Pulling back the hood, the horrifying truth was revealed… it was no human child! It was a monstrous, faceless creation of padding and tape!

While we have no idea what possessed the person who set up the dummy to do such a thing, we’re probably going to be sleeping with all the lights on tonight. After all, TapeFace here is clearly on the look out for a new apartment to call his own, and what if he takes a fancy to ours?!

Will the squeak, squeak, squeak of those orange Crocs be the last sound we ever hear…?

Source: Jin115
Main Image: Twitter @ya_onogi