Waiting in line to pay your highway toll while on a tight schedule can be one of the most frustrating experiences of any driver’s life. Waiting in line behind a chain of noisy motorcycles could be even worse–but you’d better not complain, because that line could be full of (law-abiding) juvenile delinquents!

Japanese Twitter user @kakki_1121 recently uploaded a picture she took from her car while waiting in line to pay a toll during the Golden Week holidays. Sadly, her tweets can only be seen by her confirmed followers, but someone in the know managed to share the following two pictures with the rest of the internet.

“The yankees (Japanese slang for juvenile delinquents/gang members) are all lining up to pay one by one. They should just attach ETCs [electronic toll collection devices] already, LOL.”



Fancy that–it’s not every day you see such an orderly line of so-called juvenile delinquents!

Japanese net users were highly amused by the scene and its seemingly contradictory contents. Here’s what a few of them had to say about the highway tollbooth procession of yankees:

“Something’s cute about that.”

“It’s positively charming!”

“They’re actually paying money! And lining up!”

“Since when did the number of cars without ETCs become the minority?”

“I guess they like doing things the analog way.”

For a group of troublemakers who usually get a bad rap from the general public, it’s kind of nice to see them behaving in such an orderly fashion, wouldn’t you say? Perhaps paying with cash is their little way of sticking it to the man?

Source: Hamusoku
Images: Twitter (@kakki_1121)