Even in relatively clean Japan, public toilets are a special kind of gross. The kind of place where people go to, obviously, relieve themselves, but all too often to show off their artistic skills (or lack thereof) with graffiti, wipe snot on the wall, and have the occasional illicit encounter.

But in one particular public toilet in China, something especially nefarious must have happened, because this Zengzhou, Henan Province bathroom appears to be haunted by the discarded remains of a partially deflated sex doll.

ScreenHunter_144 May. 10 11.58

The dead-eyed harlot, which appears to be of the – and we use this term loosely – “realistic” variety, with moving, doll-like eyelids, was found abandoned next to a red bag (we’ll get to that shortly) in a small, unisex, private bathroom built on what appears to be some kind of park grounds.

Eventually the deflated doll was discovered by a steel-willed cameraman, who stuck around to film – instead of doing the rational thing and running away from the noxious sex fumes and possible lost souls of sex dolls past floating in the air.

While the cameraman filmed, several others attempted to use the restroom to hilarious results. Eventually, the police or park services appear to show up, and an especially brave official just wades in with bare hands to clean up the mess – appropriately burning the haunted doll so it couldn’t rise again, before reaching into that red bag we mentioned earlier and finding… a bunch of other sex toys including a giant, floppy dildo, which the same official just manhandles bare-handed like he does this all the time.

We presume the rookie on the team is just off-camera, vomiting from the horror of it all.

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