Whether it be Japan’s Golden Week, America’s Memorial Day or any other national holidays in the spring, the draw of good weather and free time calls people out of their homes. Who could resist a nice drive under blue skies, while not having to think about usual daily responsibilities? Probably no one on the planet.

On May 1, China celebrated Labor Day, a national holiday. Free from work, people headed out. If you haven’t heard, China has a lot of people, so with nearly everyone having a day off, you can only imagine what the traffic was like! While most people would let heavy traffic ruin their day, some Chinese people who were stuck in an infinity-long line of traffic decided to not let the situation get them down and instead brought the party on to the road.

What did you do last time you were stuck in traffic? We’re willing to bet that you didn’t get out of your car to play badminton or practice your golf swing. There are a handful of people in China, however, who did just that. In fact, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of fun things people managed to do on the highway.

▼ Sick of sitting in the same position on the bus? Why not get out and stretch a bit?


▼ Whoever brought the Xiangqi (Chinese chess) board became one popular dude.


▼ Even the dogs made new friends.


▼ They probably weren’t going to make it to the picnic spot at a decent time anyway, so might as well enjoy the food while it’s still good, right?


▼ Card game on top of a suitcase? Don’t mind if I do.


▼ These are the real winners of the traffic jam though: A group of middle-aged, spontaneous dancers.


▼ Dang, those are some sweet moves.


Now really, have you ever had that much fun while stuck in traffic? Didn’t think so. While it’s great to see that people could make lemonade out of that lemon of a traffic jam, it must have been some accident if everyone could get out of their cars for such a significant amount of time. Maybe they were enjoying their highway party so much that they forfeited their original plans and stayed put, dancing the day away, even after the accident cleared up? Doubtful, but you never know.

Source/Images: Vision Times

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