Like them of loathe them, the invention of the selfie-stick has revolutionized how people all over the world are taking photos of themselves. If there is one drawback to this new invention, however, it would have to be that it still requires one hand to hold and snap the photo. But what if you want to strike a cute pose using both of your hands, like throwing up a couple of peace signs or doing cat paws by your face?

Well, a new selfie method has just started showing up, demonstrated by girls posting their photos on the Chinese social networking site Weibo. This might just be the next clever new life hack, but it does require a lot of pedal dexterity!

These photos recently surfaced on the Chinese microblogging website Weibo, and were shared on Twitter by user Chanimaru. The photos have garnered quite a bit of attention, being retweeted almost 4,000 times and receiving many comments from people in awe of their acrobatic flexibility and dexterity.




At first this seem like a really clever hands-free selfie method, but it’s hard to judge if it really is or not without seeing the actual selfies these girls took of themselves. Many commenters on Twitter also wondered: “How did they press the shutter button?”

To answer their questions and to see if this method really does take great hands-free selfies, I decided to try it out for myself. To solve the issue of pushing the shutter button, I simply set the timer for the shutter to go off, giving me a few seconds to grab my photo-buddy and strike a pose. My first try…?

▼Well that didn’t work…


▼Still not quite there…


▼I guess that’s as good as it will get.


After several tries, I finally accepted that I just wasn’t going to get a very good picture.

While I was able to get a decent grip on my phone with my toes, when my toes touched the screen the brightness settings would keep popping up. I put some socks on, thinking the fabric would solve that problem, but not only did it not even fix the original issue, it made holding the phone even more difficult.

What I ended up doing was setting the timer and pressing the button to start the countdown before holding onto the phone with my foot. In the end it gave me less time to hold out my foot and try to center myself on the screen, thus ending up with me being off-center or blurry, in a photo that I might as well have been taking with one of my hands anyway. Lesson learned? It’s pretty hard to take good photos with your feet.

If any of you out there give this a try, let us know if you fare any better!

Source: Twitter/@chanimaru
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