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What does one have to do to get someone to go out with them? Sometimes all you need is a sweet one-liner to go from acquaintance to significant other, and other times it takes the full force of the faceless Internet. The Japanese dating ritual is definitely different from the Western one, as it often begins with a full confession of one’s feelings and then “Please go out with me!” Most girls prefer that confession to be in-person, face-to-face, but in this fast-paced world of instant messaging, desperate times call for desperate measures, and this attempt is so crazy, it might even work!

Our intrepid lover boy calls out to his potential girlfriend on the Japanese messaging app Line. While the conversation starts off innocently enough, it’s clear there is something more important on this guy’s mind.

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An unorthodox approach, but it seems to be working so far, Nana appears to be into it! But it takes a monumental leap of Internet faith to close the deal.

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Undeterred by the “impossible”, he sends his request out to the Twitterverse.

▼ “Everyone, please help me and RT this!”

[tweet https://twitter.com/yuma08190819/status/595991682732036096 align=center]

And it got retweeted almost 3,000 times! That is the power of the Internet pushing a couple, perhaps reluctantly, together. This case of online assistance shares some similarities with the famous Densha Otoko (Train Boy), whose story of asking the Internet for help in his love life led to a TV drama. Unfortunately, in this case, it appears that not everyone on the Internet is behind these two as many commenters poked fun at them mercilessly.

“You’re relying on others to get what you need…”
“If this is how you start going out, it’s not going to last long.”
“You’re going to break up right away.”
“Cheap love”
“Don’t do something like this on Twitter! I want to support you but…”
“When they break up, how many RTs will they need?”

Finding and keeping love is hard enough on its own without anonymous people sassing your relationship, so we wish @yuma08190819 the best of luck with his new love life!

Source: Twitter (@yuma08190819) via Hamsoku
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