Remember Twintail Association Japan, the pro-cute organisation dedicated to all things adorable and pigtail-related? Last year they launched the idol group drop, a four-piece girl group who add “pigtail-wearing” to the usual idol skill-set trinity of singing, dancing, and smiling for the camera.

And one group member in particular has been attracting attention online for her doe-eyed smile and pigtail-wearing skills. Hikari Takiguchi has even been called a “once-in-2000-years idol”! (We’re going to assume that sounds a bit snappier in Japanese than it does in English).

Hikari is 20 years old and hails from Chiba Prefecture, next to Tokyo. On Monday night, she was featured on a Japanese variety show called Jinsei ga kawaru ippunkan no fuka-ii hanashi (roughly: ‘The amazing story of the one minute that changed my life!’).

Apparently, all six members of her family live – or were living at one point – in a space the size of six tatami mats (about 100 square feet or nine square metres).

▼ We haven’t seen the show, but we’d hazard a guess that “the one minute that changed Hikari’s life” in the show…was passing the audition for drop?

Anyway, the good folks at Jinsei ga kawaru declared Hikari the kind of beautiful young woman who only comes along once every two millenia, prompting objection online from fans of Kanna Hashimoto, the original one-in-a-thousand-years idol.

▼ I mean, Kanna-chan doesn’t even wear pigtails…!


Kanna fans took to the digital airwaves to protest at this new imposter being compared to their idol:

“She [Hikari] is cute, but she’s not that cute.”

“2000 years is kind of overstating it. There are girls as cute as her at my university.”

“Sorry, but Kanna is cuter!”

Anyway, Hikari was pretty stoked about the TV appearance:

▼ “Watch me on Jinsei ga kawaru tomorrow night yo!”

And seemed pretty moved by it too, thanking fans for their support after the show was broadcast:

▼  “I love you all…and I have the best family in the world.”

Then, drop’s producer popped up to remind us that the idol group is a four-piece:

▼ “…All four members of drop are amazing, so please come to their live shows!”

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Which leaves us with just one question: for a group founded by the Twintail Association, we can’t help but notice that drop don’t actually seem to wear their hair in pigtails very often…?

Source: Hachima kikou, Drop Official Site, Hikari Takiguchi Twitter
Featured image: Twitter