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It’s not entirely incorrect to say that Japan is crazy about women’s underwear. There is the infamous urban legend about vending machines that sell used women’s panties and you’ve got the inevitable “panty thief” who makes an appearance in any harem anime or manga. So when someone uploads a chart documenting the different styles of women’s underwear with accompanying illustrations, most people would probably think “Oh, Japan.”

But it turns out that this infographic is more educational than scandalous as the information contained is actually kind of useful, especially if you find yourself shopping for underwear in Japan. Pull up a chair and get ready to become overly prepared for women’s underwear.

Twitter user @_R1_A decided to provide everyone who is in the dark, some much-needed information about the many varieties of women’s underwear. For guys, it can’t get much simpler, you’ve got boxers, and then briefs, and for those who dangle in between…boxer briefs. Some adventurous jobs may require a g-string or some assless chaps, but that’s starting to get way off topic.

So what about the wear down there for women?


The infographic is split into front side and back side and covers the full range of…coverage.

Starting with the styles in the front, we’ve got these two:

ローレグ (rou regu) ‘low leg’, Classic Brief  | ハイレグ(hai regu) ‘high leg’,  French-cut Brief
underwear 1

What’s also known as the “Granny Panty”, this high waist, high fabric undergarment is made slightly more attractive with the French-cut panty which does a great job of showing off a longer leg.

ローライズ (rou raisu) ‘low rise’, Hipster | ボーイレッグ(boui regu) ‘boy leg’, Boyfriend
underwear 2

Like any “cool” kid, the Hipster is great for any occasion and doesn’t leave your bottom end feeling like it should be back in the 1800s. The Boyfriend is a feminine version of the boxer brief and could be the sexier answer to matching tracksuits for any lovey-dovey couple.

ビキニ (bikini) ‘bikini’, Bikini | スキャンティー(sukyantii) ‘scanty’, Scanty or Tanga
underwear 3

Bikinis, zucchinis, martinis! It’s got style, high sides and enough downstairs that you don’t feel overexposed. It’s tinier, flashier cousin, the Scanty or Tanga, begs the question, if you’re going to wear that little, why wear anything at all?

Hold on to your seats, we are venturing to the backside!

フルバック (furu bakku) ‘full back’, Full Back Panties | ブラジリアンカット(burajirian katto) ‘Brazilian cut’, Brazilian
underwear 4

Paired with the Granny Panty is the Full Back which is a lovely and full undergarment that covers your cheeks from one side to the other. It offers comfort and has plenty of space for a cutesy design like a teddy bear or something. Then we have the Brazilian, an exotic sounding name for a fairly common cut of underwear.

リオカット (rio katto) ‘Rio cut’, Rio | Tバック・ソング (T-bakku・songu) ‘T-back or thong’, Thong
underwear 5

The Rio does everything the Brazilian does, but with a more revealing cut. There is less material and much less coverage. For those who need to hide some lines, there is, of course, the thong. Not an all-day, ever day-panty but like the little black dress, it has a time and a place.

Gストリングス (G-sutoringusu) ‘G-strings’, G-string
underwear 6

Butt floss, we are all familiar enough with this one.

Cストリングス (C-sutoringusu) ‘C strings’, C string
underwear 7

It’s going commando without going totally commando. Or like a sexy womanly napkin…wait. Nope. How does this one even stay on? There must be some tape involved.

There you have it! If that didn’t fulfill your need to know everything about women’s underwear then perhaps you are looking in the wrong place. If you ever find yourself in the store and can’t quite remember what is what, @_R1_A encourages you to use this image while you are shopping. If anyone asks you any questions, just keep insisting the picture is for educational purposes only.

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Source: Twitter (@_R1_A)
Images: Twitter (@_R1_A) edited by RocketNews24