Even the happiest of couples has the occasional argument, and some people even genuinely enjoy a good squabble with the other half in order to keep things exciting and blow away the cobwebs every now and then. But what does it sound like to have an irate ladyfriend berate you in different languages?

In this video from YouTuber The World of Dave, poor Dave himself endures the screams of seven ranting ladies as they give his ear a good bending in their native tongues. Which would you least like to be on the receiving end of?

The video begins with a good tongue-lashing in Spanish, then moves on to Japanese, Chinese, French, US English (twice), and finally Korean.

Is it just us, or did the Japanese come off as more irritable than scary? Dave’s friend here should take some tips from professional scolder Risa Yoshiki and learn to let it all out.

While we can’t help feeling a bit sorry for poor Dave, we did wind up laughing a lot at this video, even if it does raise an important point to consider when dating someone with a different native language to you. Since relationships are supposed to be all about communication, ending up in a screaming match with your significant other is pretty much the worst. How are you supposed to express yourself in a different language while emotions are running high? It’s basically just not possible, which is why many people revert to their mother-tongue involuntarily in times of extreme stress or anger. In these situations, it’s probably best to do as our old pal Haruki Murakami claims to do and just keep quiet until it all blows over…

Source: The World of Dave
Screenshot via YouTube – The World of Dave