You know how fast food joints typically line their trays with disposable tray papers? Well, perhaps some of these fast food chains have yet to realize, but printing a person’s face on them might not be the brightest idea. Or, it could be the best idea ever!

Think along the lines of free entertainment after meals! Check out these saucy makeovers the creative fast food goers in Korea gave this dude on the tray liner!


Gracing the trays of the Lotteria fast food chain in Korea is actor Cha Seung Won, promoting the joint’s new Gang-jeong burger.

He looks mighty fine, and that burger looks pretty mouth-watering too, but when you’ve run out of grub and have some leftover sauces, and the man on the tray is staring at you with a smug look as if to say “Hah! Ran out of fries? I’ve got a burger,” some people tend to get impulsively creative.


▼ Sauciest kabuki face we’ve ever seen.



▼ Heating up the competition!


▼ Ronald moonlighting at Lotteria? We see what they did there…



▼ Who doesn’t have the hots for Iron Man?


▼ Green Lantern is pretty saucy too.




Looks like the Lotteria diners had a lot of fun, but Mr. Cha there on the tray sheet got the short end of the stick. However, we bet he got a delectable paycheck for his advertising stint, so some smudges of sauce on his face would probably be the least of his concerns.

Source: Ezday via Zhaizhai News
Images: Ezday, Breaknews