Bored cats can be a real pain in the bum. They whine, cry, walk all over your laptop, stick their butts in your face, and chew cables all in a bid to get your attention. Luckily, most cats can usually be placated with a simple cardboard box or rubber mousey. But what if you want to make play time with puss extra fun for both of you?

Well, you could do what this cat owner in Japan did and hand-build a game of whack-a-mole to delight and entertain your furry friend!

The game features lever-operated mice which pop up out of holes in the “ground”. Look how much fun both kitties and owner are having with this magic toy! If these were available to buy, we’d definitely snap up a bunch of them for our kitties.

▼ “Human, did you know you have a serious mouse infestation problem going on right meow?”

The whack-a-mousie set is more than big enough to accommodate the flailing paws of several kitties at once.

▼ “This mousie is mine. You can have the other mousies.”

▼ “C’mon, let’s dig. They must be under there somewhere.”

 Wouldn’t it be great if these things were installed in cat cafes?

Source: YouTube – Neko-ore Munchkin
Images: Screenshots via YouTube – Neko-ore Munchkin