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As much as we try not to generalize or stereotype specific countries and regions here at RocketNews24, the glut of bizarre news stories coming out of China these days makes us feel pretty justified in our feelings that living there must be just a non-stop parade of crazy events.

And here we go again with another Chinese news story that literally sounds like an surreal circus clown act. Just wait until you see this video.

According to bizarre China news website the Shanghaiist – the writers for which probably get their story ideas by just looking out their windows for a few minutes a day to the frequency of these events – the van in the following video, pulled over by Chinese traffic authorities, was found physics-defyingly crammed with 51 construction workers on their way to a job site:

As soon as the cop in the video pulls open the van’s sliding door and peers inside, you can see something is definitely amiss when the cop is confronted with what can only be described as a human wall. It’s like a scene from the Tokyo subway at 8am on a weekday, but recreated in an impossibly tiny space.

The cop then gestures for the passengers to get out of the van, displaying uncanny patience as the 49 passengers in the back calmly shuffle out. Add the two drivers, and the police were confronted with a grand total of 51 construction workers jammed inside a space normally designed for six people.

What’s even crazier about the whole affair is that these weren’t illegal workers being ninja’d across the border or anything like that; these people were legally authorized local construction workers who, inexplicably, volunteered to perform this impromptu circus act just to eliminate the need for a second (or third, or fourth) trip.

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As comical as the whole situation is to be watching from the comfort of our replica Iron Throne, the cops in the video are understandably peeved, because – ignoring the borderline miracle that the van was even able to move with that many people inside – overloading a vehicle is extraordinarily dangerous and has led to serious tragedies before.

So please, guys, for the love of God, let’s leave this kind of stuff to the Ringling Bros. from now on, okay?

Source: Shanghaiist
Images captured from YouTube