Even if you’re familiar with the story of Disney’s Cinderella, you might not know that the name of the heroine is actually Ella, and the name Cinderella was given to her by her obnoxious step-sisters, who poked fun at how Ella was always covered in cinder.

Ironically, when we think of Cinderella, what first comes to mind is usually the image of a beautiful girl in a gorgeous blue dress and glass slippers, not the one of a dirty, dusty peasant girl. If the filmmakers of the live-action movie had filmed on location in some parts of China, perhaps we would have gotten to see a really dusty version of Cinderella, just like what this Weibo user has depicted!

We’ve witnessed many a time the Photoshop proficiency of Chinese netizens. Weibo user Qing Hong Zao Le Ge Bai (@青红造了个白) created a series of Photoshopped images of the live-action Cinderella movie posters, but set in various locations in China. Well, China has many places with breathtaking scenery, so filming in China doesn’t sound entirely ridiculous, but this guy is obviously going for the laughs with his choice of locations.

Cinderella in Datong, Shanxi Province

Hey, it’s a real Cinderella, with cinder and all! Datong City, located in northern Shanxi Province, is a coal mining city, and thus commonly associated with badly polluted air. Many folks on the Internet aren’t too pleased with how the city is depicted in this image though, claiming that the city has put much effort into environmental cleanup, and that the city is now bright and sunny with clean, crisp air.

We haven’t been to Datong so it wouldn’t be fair for us to comment on this, so, Rocketeers who have been to Datong, share your two cents with us in the comments section! But looking at it from a logical perspective, if the story really took place here, Ella wouldn’t have been the only one covered in cinder.

Cinderella in Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia

Hulunbuir has vast grasslands, and where there is grass, there are sheep. Speaking of sheep, did you know that China not only has the world’s biggest human population, they also have the biggest sheep population? Baaah.

Cinderella in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province

Situated in the center of a triangle formed by Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou, Wuzhen is a popular tourist spot, being one of the six ancient towns south of the great Yangtze River, the longest river in Asia. Its many canals and bridges provide historic and scenic photo spots for shutter bugs, and this poster.

Cinderella in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province

Xi’an is also where the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum, which houses the Terracotta Army, is situated. Tourists, do not attempt to run about among the troops with your eyes closed like Cinderella is pictured doing here, or you might have your minute of fame on the China National Tourism Administration’s blacklist. Well, unless you’re Cinderella herself, of course.

Cinderella in Sanya, Hainan Province

This city with a tropical climate would be great for a summer sequel, like how Frozen got their spring fever gig. The cast and crew would have to watch out for balls though, since Sanya is apparently where the Chinese national beach volleyball team trains.

Cinderella in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province

In contrast to Sanya, Harbin is known as China’s Ice City for its extremely cold winters. This one’s probably the most romantic poster of the set, though there is one serious issue here. She wears glass slippers, remember? The girl is going to slip and fall on all that snow and ice! But fortunately, she has a big poofy dress would probably cushion her tushy.

Cinderella in Beijing

Last but not least, the capital of China, Beijing. There’s not much more that needs to be said about Beijing since it is the heart of China and everyone knows it for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the Forbidden Palace, the Great Wall…and, among all that honorable glitz, the terribly bad air quality. With such smog hanging in the air, Beijing could easily have the world’s biggest population of Cinderellas and no one would be able to notice.

Cinderella is a western fairytale after all and filming in China would probably be quite the challenge, despite all the beautiful sights the country has to share. It would be cool if the live-action Mulan movie is shot in China though!

Source/Images: Weibo (@青红造了个白)