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Kids, it’s time to go to bed, so the adults can do adult things, like drink whiskey out of glasses shaped to look like a girl’s lower region (don’t worry, she has panties on)!

A Japanese company has recently had some success selling one such panty-inspired beverage holder, so they’ve decided to come out with another, “less innocent,” panty design. You can learn how you too can have a “pantiful life,” after the jump.

▼ Doesn’t this skin colored drink look more appetizing in this innocently sexy cup?

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Japanese online shop Dwango JP Store knows what you should get your best guy friend for Christmas and they even offer two varieties, in case you want one too!

The cups come in the innocent “Ribbon,” style, white panties with a red bow, and now, the recently released “adult purple with fantasy-inducing black butterflies.” Sounds pretty sexy!

▼ Did you notice the belly-button?


If you’re worried about quality or if the 8,640 yen (US$70) that you have to dish out for the panty-cup is really worth it, rest assured that every glass is hand-made, so that also means that every glass is just a little bit different.

▼ We’re not sure how they get the panties on there, but they’re made of glass too.


▼ Every bow will be a little bit different.


▼ Now that is an innocent looking panty-glass, if we’ve ever seen one.


Dwango JP Store shared on their website that “the contrast between the innocent and the adult glasses would look really good next to each other on a table,” just saying, no pressure to buy both or anything.

These cups are only available to order here until the end of the month, so don’t dilly-dally. However, don’t expect it to arrive before the end of August, since they are hand-made, after all. Bad news for those prospective buyers living outside of Japan, it doesn’t look like they ship internationally. Shucks.

With that, we leave with the company’s tagline:

“Pantiful life for you.”

Source: Dwango JP Store
Top image: Dwango JP Store (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert images: Dwango JP Store