Raw fish, seaweed, fresh vegetables, small portions – Japanese people all eat so healthily, right?

WRONG. The newest trend among Japan’s foodie Twitter users involves putting a knob of butter on, er, pretty much anything and melting it in the microwave – voila, “Butter Ping Cuisine”!

The new, buttery trend seems to have come out of nowhere to take over Twitter in Japan. We reckon these are the same people who carry personal bottles of mayonnaise in their bags for when they’re eating out. And we bet these are the same weirdos who were smothering avocados in ice cream only a couple of months ago. Bleurgh!

Here’s a gallery of all the gross, buttery concoctions these adventurous eaters have been whipping up in the microwave:

▼ “I put salt, butter and cheese on potato and microwaved it! Ping!” OK, that’s not so weird.

▼ “Tofu topped with spicy fish eggs, then butter, all melted in the microwave!” Yeah, that’s kind of odd.

▼ “Udon with spicy fish eggs and a pat of butter! After I took this pic I microwaved the lot! Ping!” Wut?

▼ “Butter and avocado melted in the morning!”

▼ “Ready to eat! Apples topped with butter and sugar and microwaved!”

▼ “I totally recommend eating a whole onion this way! Just cover it in butter then microwave it!”


▼ “Bean jam pancakes topped with butter! Delicious cholesterol!”

▼ “Sweet potatoes topped with butter, salt and parsley!”

▼ “Sweet potato cake topped with butter and microwaved!”

▼ “Butter, oil and mozzarella cheese over onions! Food fit for a fatty!<3”

And to think butter was in dangerously short supply in Japan not so long ago…

If you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go and make a salad and then go for a run, because it feels like we gained five pounds just by looking at all that melted butter… yuck!

Source: Naver Matome
Featured image: Twitter @koooootoon Top Image: Twitter @Tokumi2