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When you head out for a night on the town, you encounter all kinds of interesting characters. There are the people who have traveled to unimaginable places, those who know some famous person or have some incredible anecdotes to reel off, and then there are those who, without anything funny or interesting to say, can fall back on have naturally occurring weird stuff on their body.

One Twitter user’s night at a bar led to the discovery that there were three of these such things his brand new drinking buddy’s chest, and it left him totally speechless.

The man has three nipples! Could it be the source of all his powers?

▼”A person I didn’t know at a bar said to me, ‘I have three nipples. Want to see?’ And while I was thinking that he was lying to me, I saw it and was totally speechless.”

Our heads are swimming with Total Recall references – the original Arnie version, not the Colin Farrell one.

While some Twitter commenters wondered whether it was a synthetic extra nipple, others were quick to suggest that it was probably not fake, because they also had a male family member that had three. One user even mentioned that her male relative had six nipples!

▼Third, fourth, fifth and sixth nipples as useless as the first two.

nipple 3Image: Flickr (mikehipp)

Genetics is obviously at play here, and it seems that humans having a supernumerary nipple (a third nipple) occurs in about 1 in 18 males and about 1 in 50 females. There was even a documentary in 2008 titled The Triple Nipple Club, where one man tried to discover why he had an extra one.

Needless to say, it’s bound to be an interesting topic of conversation at the bars. And it seems like a good time was had by all members, and the extra nipple wasn’t like an awkward third wheel.

Do you have any interesting extra parts that you like showing off at a moment’s notice?

Source: Twitter (@GEM_KOYA_ist)
Additional Information: Wikipedia
Images: Twitter (@GEM_KOYA_ist) edited by RocketNews24