nori cheese

At first glance these might look like some kind of plastic toy, building blocks or a pile of random puzzle pieces, but what you see before you are multi-layered nori (seaweed or laver sheets) and cheese slices, and they’re are making the rounds on Twitter.

According to beer nuts, these savoury little morsels are the perfect accompaniment to beer or wine.

Nori and cheese as standalone items are standard fare snack items here in Japan. But someone has come up with the bright notion to combine these two awesome simple foods into a multi-layered sandwich to create a tasty bite-sized canapé. The contrasting black and white layers give the snack a psychedelic vibe which gives it visual appeal and its cool factor.

And what’s more, these things are both very tasty and super easy to make, with no cooking skills required. The only thing you’ll need are some knife skills: simply obtain cheese slices and strips of nori seaweed, layer them together and cut. Mission accomplished!

It’s the perfect little party food treat or snack at home with a beer in hand, and not to mention nutritious.

You can enjoy this two-ingredient snack sandwich-style with a couple of cheese slices between some nori sheets and cut into triangles.

Or you can get creative by layering and stacking the cheese and seaweed sheets and then cutting them into a range of  rhombuses, trapezoids, cubes, or any random shape you desire (although straight lines work best, so you might want to hold off on breaking out the cookie cutter shapers). A handy tip is to wrap up your cheese and nori layers in baking paper and refrigerate before cutting into shapes to make the knifework process a little easier.

Korean seaweed also works pretty well because of the various flavours you can get, so you can enjoy even more flavour variations.

So brilliant and easy! It’s the perfect bread-less sandwich, bento filler, or savoury bite-size snack that hits the spot and is fun to look at.

Source: togech
Top/featured image: Twitter/@yamane02