Have you heard of “gogatsu-byou“? Also known as “May Sickness” this is a Japanese term used to describe the particular malaise that descends upon many people in May, after the excitement of the new school year and hiring period in April.

But what better way to combat a case of the blues than with adorable kitten videos? If you’re feeling low, we reckon these capering Munchkin kittens will cure what ails you!

Look at the fluffy baby Munchkin kitty playing with this shiny toy. Observe the cuteness of its stumpy little legs as it shuffles about, before being joined by its sibling. Look at those bright blue eyes and that little whiskery face!

We showed you a video last week of a couple of cats playing with an elaborate, home-made whack-a-mole set, but here’s a budget version with fuzzy Munchkin kittens (plus their mum!).

Here’s the kittens playing tag! Cats are lucky not to suffer from May Sickness. The only thing they suffer from is cuteness syndrome.

Here’s the kitties all grown up and participating in an epic kitty Battle Royale! Watch that fur fly!

And here’s one of them having a little accidental splash in the bath tub. Whoops!

Check out their owner Studio Singa’s YouTube channel for more from these adorable orange critters!

Source: C-Lab
Main Image: Screenshot via YouTube – Studio Singa