Moving house in Japan is tough business. Even to find an apartment, you need to go through a real estate agent, and all the upfront fees you have to pay to move in can cost you five times or more what your monthly rent will be.

That’s why choosing a good agency who will work with you to get the best deal is important. But with so many agencies around, how can you choose? Some realtors may offer deals like 50% off their agency fees, but others are taking a more… creative approach to draw in customers, by adding silly, ridiculous, or just plain nonsensical catchphrases on their property ads.

Join us after the jump for such advertising gold as: “You can be a big daddy too” and “Decent of the fashion monster”.

▼”A home where Dracula would evaporate in an instant.”

Must be a very sunny home?

▼”You can be a big daddy too!”

Twitterer Miyako writes: “I’ve thought about this all day but I just can’t process it.” No, neither can we, Miyako.

▼”Just a 30-minute crawl to Sengen Shrine. You can visit any time you want!”

@oioi813 writes: “Recently, I can’t get over this realtor’s ad, LOL! 2-minute walk = 30-minute crawl”

▼”Six-minute walk from Nishikawaguchi Station. Usain Bolt could make it in 55 seconds!”


I wonder if they actually sat down to do the calculations.

▼”I’d like to live somewhere with my cat. But this is not pet-friendly.”

“They had my hopes up for a second!” Seriously. It’s kind of like writing “Calling all cat lovers!” followed immediately by “This property is not for you…”

▼”I am Currypanman!” “Japanese folklore that really happened” “Decent of the fashion monster” “I think I can become a coordinator of the girls-only party” “Welcome, yokoso, to Japan!” “This apartment was build for female students”


“From a realtor near Kyoto Women’s University. I don’t get it, lol!”

Currypanman is an actual cartoon character from a popular children’s show in Japan, whose head is a savory bun filled with curry. We’re not sure about the fashion monster bit, though…

currypanmanImage: Fun!

▼”Wild properties in Takaban 1-chome. Just a one-minute walk to the post office. That’s wild!”

Wild, eh? Remind us not to come to any of your house parties.

▼”My room’s lame, I can’t get a girlfriend.” “I want to find a place within a 24-hour walk to the station.”

Within a 24-hour walk? I’m sure you’ll have plenty of options available to you.

@hirame0424 says: “Went to the realtors today and found this. Mr Komatsu on the bottom-left is the only one with a messed-up face. He could probably be the only one whose face is actually messed up though.”

“I got this in the mail… An advertisement for a real estate agent… You’ve got to be kidding me.”

▼”Shingeki no Annainin”


I wonder if they handle rooms for giants? (This is a play on the Japanese title for the anime Attack on Titan Shingeki no Kyojin. “Annainin” is a guide, or the real estate agent who takes you around to look at houses and apartments.)

As weird and nonsensical these sorts of advertisements are, they’re doing just what they’re meant to do – grabbing people’s attention! I for one would like to do business with one of these places. I’m sure it would make for a very interesting experience.

What do you think of these advertisements? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: NAVER Matome
Featured image: Twitter/@krops1111