Video game fans, what do you do with your old game consoles? We recently saw how an old PlayStation console was transformed into a functional clock with just some cheap clock parts and simple drilling. Have any of you tried your hand at it yet?

If you don’t need a new geeky clock at home, that’s okay, check out all the other things you could do with your vintage game consoles!

There are so many different types of game consoles out there; there’s the PlayStation, the Nintendo Famicom (NES) and Gameboy, the Xbox… and these game companies just keep producing newer, better, cooler ones! But even with the newer consoles that come jam-packed with state of the art gaming technology, some of us find it harder than others to part with the old trusty game machines we’ve spent countless hours with. I’m not even an avid gamer and I still have my good ol’ grey PlayStation set at home collecting dust somewhere, just for old times sake.

How about putting your DIY skills to the challenge and revamping one of your retro machines into something useful this coming summer? Check out the cool stuff below for some inspiration!

▼ PlayStation analog clock, as seen previously

▼ This Super Famicom digital clock apparently took about two and a half weeks to make.

▼ And you could make this adorable mirror with the controllers after completing your clock!

▼ Another way to reuse your Super Famicom

▼ This person broke the plastic cover of his USB thumb drive, so he gave it a makeover with an old Gameboy cartridge!

▼ How about a funky charging terminal for your mobile gadgets?





▼ If you don’t already play the guitar, one of these might give you the motivation to learn how to.



We imagine these revamped consoles would make awesome gifts for a fellow video game fan, or you could even sell your masterpieces online to ready your funds for the next snazzy new game!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Controller docks – Tumblr, Guitars – Destructoid, Aircapsule