If you recall, we delighted you all once before with a story about an incredibly genki granny from Japan who is capable of bending her aged limbs into a variety of contortionist poses. But we reckon this yoga grandpa from China has got her beaten!

Check out this man’s incredible flexibility in this series of photos that will have your jaws hanging and your joints creaking in sympathy!

The 84-year-old man lives in Zhangjiakou in China, where he is known to the locals as “Master” due to his eye-watering yoga skills. He’s lived in the same area his whole life, and around 30 years ago decided to take up yoga after a period of ill-health. Apparently, yoga did so much for his condition that he decided to make it his life’s passion, even going on to create several of his own “original poses”.

▼ Let’s call this one: ‘turtle on its back waiting for someone to flip it right-side up.’

 As well as yoga, he’s also interested in botany, entomology and ornithology (that’s plants, bugs and birds to the rest of us) and leads an active lifestyle. He attributes his ongoing vitality to a positive outlook on life, combined, of course, with lots of yoga!

He also runs introductory yoga classes for the community, which he teaches for free. Perhaps he could come to the RocketNews24 office some time and give us some pointers, since the only poses we know are the “Lying Down After a Big Lunch” and the “Internet Writer Trying to Think of Another Synonym”. (They both involve a lot of groaning…)

Source: Focus-Asia/Yahoo! Japan News via Toychan
Images: Huanqiu via Toychan