Waking up in the morning sucks, especially if you’ve got a long commute to work or school ahead of you (or if you’re just chronically lazy). But what if you’re a pampered pooch whose only obligation is to be a family pet? How hard could mornings possibly be for a dog?

If you’re Cocon the Shiba Inu, the answer is very! Check out these cute snaps of Cocon saying a big fat “nope” to mornings in general, and getting out of bed in particular!

Cocon’s owner decided to pet-shame her lazy pup on Twitter by uploading these snaps showing how every morning is a struggle.

▼ Cocon would much rather be in bed than up and moving around.

▼ Observe how Cocon spills out of the bed in a cascade of reluctant doggy flesh.

▼ Mornings are just too much for this poor pup.

▼ In fact, Cocon often just goes right back to sleep there on the floor.

▼ “Wake me again and face my wrath, human!”

▼ “Mornings suck!”
:P         >:(

▼ “Wake me up later with kibble.”

▼ “Make that MUCH later.”

▼ “I’m dog tired. Just leave me be.”

▼ We feel your pain, Cocon.

▼ “Zzzzz…”

Yep, we think this really could be the laziest dog on earth.

Source: Hamusoku
Main Image: Twitter @SHIBAINU_COCON