No matter what the car, giving it a stretch in the middle makes it a posher ride. I’m pretty sure that’s a rule of some sort. But does it apply to other vehicles? If you stretched a scooter to ridiculous lengths, for example, and then gave it a pink paint job and a bright yellow seat, would that make it cooler?

At least one person clearly thought so.

This photo was posted on the Kinisoku discussion board with the comment, “Cool. LOL.”

That is one long crotch rocket! And in such subtle colors too. Clearly the owner is a shrinking violet who wants to blend into the scenery.

Most of the commenters were equally impressed, with many focusing on exactly what that extra length was being used for.

“That could probably carry about five people.”
“I was wondering if it was a coffin bike.”

“The rear part pops open with a little ding and then you can sleep inside!”

“No, it’s a tanning bed.”
“It’s probably equipped with anti-aircraft guns.”

Whatever is going on in that trunk, one thing is for sure: there’s no way that thing handles smoothly. If you see it on the road, watch out!


Source/images: Kinisoku