nike sleeping pooping cat top

We’ve seen a lot of adorable cats here on RocketNews24. There’s cats politely waiting outside convenience stores, cats being stored on shelves, and a whole island of cats just waiting for you to come feed them and scratch their heads.

If you’re like us though and your hunger for cute cat pic simply cannot be satiated, then take a look at Nike, the adorably sleepy Japanese cat who’s been paws-itively blowing up Japanese Twitter recently. Side effects of looking at Nike’s pictures may include pro-cat-stination of work you should be doing, feline like you’re going to laugh, and wanting to take a catnap of your own.

Japanese Twitter user @yamamoto_ari has been tweeting pictures of their cat Nike (which is pronounced “nee-kay”, by the way) for quite some time now, but it’s only recently that they’ve caught the eye of the internet masses. Here’s the one that’s been getting a lot of attention. I’m not surprised really – that face of his is indeed priceless.

And don’t worry; there are plenty more pics where that first one came from. Here’s a sampling of some more Nike pictures, mostly involving more super-relaxed sleeping faces.

▼ Cats always have a knack for finding the most comfortable sleeping positions.

▼ Nike the flower inspector falling asleep on the job.

▼ If your meal is so colorful and interesting, then why is Nike falling asleep right next to it?

▼ Not tuna? Not interested.

▼ “Nike, approximately three seconds before falling asleep.”

▼ Here you are, sir: the loaf of cat you ordered.

▼ “Ugh, there’s this thing shining in my face that woke me up. Get rid of it immediately!”

▼ “If I cannot destroy the sun, I’ll do the next best thing: hide from it in a box.”

▼ “Yes you can feedings me now?”

▼ Nothing tuckers out a cat more than having their winter coat shaved. That, or eating. Or walking. Or sleeping too hard.

▼ That curry looks like it’s going to be a kitty pillow in five… four….

▼ “I heard something! Maybe it’s a mouse! Maybe it’s a-“

▼ “On second thought… I’m a little tired.”

▼ “I swear I wasn’t biting your computer cord,” said the most adorable thing ever.

▼ Nike tries biting on a straw instead. Results: hilariously cute.

▼ Nike saluting the new legions of fans that have followed to see more sleepy cat antics.

If you’re a fan of Nike and want to see more, then give the lucky owner @yamamoto_ari a follow on Twitter. May your own litter box uses be just as relaxed and profound!

Source: Twitter (@yamamoto_ari) via Togech
Featured/top image: Twitter (@yamamoto_ari)