Mothers. They’re the amazing beings who carried us in their tummies and brought us into this world. Some of us live with one, some of us can’t wait to move away from one. Some mums are fashionable and love parties, some can’t send a text message without messing up a few words every time, some tend to nag too much, and some bake the best cookies in the world.

The bottom line is, every mum is unique in her own way, and they’re lovable for all their strengths and flaws…especially when they have their own hilarious methods of doing things, like the mums of these Japanese Twitter users!

▼ An iPhone box for a bento box? This is one tech-savvy mum!

▼ Is that the Kylie Jenner look? This mum’s character bento’s got style.

▼ It’s not easy keeping track of the stuff in the fridge, you know.

Me: “What’s with the strawberries?”
Mum: “Oh that’s because I forgot to buy tomatoes!” *megawatt smile*
Sis: “The thought that anything red would do is such a winner.”

▼ This avant-garde method of putting candles on the cake.

▼ When mum says you split the ice cream, she means it, carton and all.

▼ This funky mum who gave her daughter a kinky piece of chocolate to patch things up after they had an argument.

▼ This mum’s creative way of mending the hole in a sock. Well, it sure is quicker and cheaper than getting a kaketsugi expert to handle it!

▼ This SNS trendy mum who didn’t forget to take a photo send it to her child with a punny message “Futon ga futtonda!” (“The futon flew away!”) in a desperate attempt to make it sound funny before going to fetch the fallen futon.

▼ It’s evident that this mum tried really hard to get the whole Christmas vibe together.

▼ We have no idea why this mum has a picture of a bald head with “Graduation” written on it set as her cover image on the LINE app.

▼ This mum is keeping up with the skin care trend all right!

▼ This mum’s attempt at bonding with the electrical appliances.

Mum: “The rice cooker keeps saying ‘Oh’, what is it trying to tell me?”
Me: “I think that’s just the stay-warm time indication that appears after the rice is cooked, it’s 0 (zero) hours left until the rice is ready to eat.”
Mum: “Oh…”

▼ Communicating with children can sometimes be tricky, but getting their anime tapestry to convey the message seems to do the trick!

“Wash your hands before eating your bento! The influenza virus has been gettin’ around!”

Have you had any hilarious episodes with your mother? Share your stories in the comments section below!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Top image: Twitter (@ryou0629)