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It’s pretty easy to see the need for most jobs in the motorsports world. The drivers are there to drive the cars, obviously, and the members of the pit crews refill their gas tanks and change their tires during the race.

But what about the class of models Japan calls race queens? Ostensibly, one of their roles is to hold umbrellas over the drivers to keep them cool while waiting on the tarmac, but it’s not like the competitors behind the wheels are so dependent on their cars for mobility that they can’t just walk over to the shade and sit down there. No, the true function of race queens is to attract attention to the sponsors ‘ logos printed on what precious little fabric their costumes make use of, and considering that money is as crucial as gas in keeping a race car running, it’s an important job.

The models have just picked up another work responsibility, though: telling you the current time, with this website that displays a new race queen photo every minute of the day.

We took a look at Bijin Tokei, or “Beautiful Woman Clock,” a few months ago. The concept is pretty simple: every minute a new photo automatically comes up, and in each one a woman is holding up a signboard with the current time displayed.

Not surprisingly, a lot of people found Bijin Tokei’s offer of a nonstop parade of models to be as attractive as the ladies themselves, and the site has since branched out to a number of more specialized versions, such as cute pets, handsome men, and even a whole clock’s worth of photos of co-eds shot on the campus of prestigious Waseda University.

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The website’s newest venture is the Circuit Clock 2015, which takes the Bijn Tokei system and staffs it with nothing but race queens.

▼ Why hello, Your Majesty.

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As each minute ticks by, the site will update with a new photo, with each race queen handling a couple of minutes before being replaced by someone new. On one hand, this makes the system work like a proper clock and frees you from the need to manually refresh the page whenever you feel like a change of scenery. On the other hand, it can absolutely kill your online productivity if you keep checking back 60 times an hour to make sure you don’t miss out on seeing your favorite model in her cutest or most alluring pose.

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Next to each race queen, there’s a brief profile that lists her name, birthday, birthplace. You’ll also find her measurements and blood type (always important information in Japan), as well as a link to her personal blog.

▼ There are even Facebook like and tweet buttons, in case you’re in the mood to inform everyone in your social network of your specific physical preferences.

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Letting the cursor hover over the model will bring up an alternate picture.

▼ Wait, so does this mean some people are willing to look at beautiful women even if it doesn’t help them figure out what time it is?

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And finally, clicking on the links in the model’s profile will bring up a photo gallery and extended profile with information on her hobbies, nickname, and affiliated talent agency and racing team.

▼ But what time is it, Hiroe???

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Speaking of teams, models representing the same car or organization are grouped together, with one taking over for another until the clock moves on to the next group.


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Different time blocks seem to be set aside for different racing series as well. During our thorough and scientific research session with Bijin Tokei, for example, the Super Taikyu Series was represented from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The girls of the D1 Grand Prix drift league showed up from 1:30 to 3:30 in the afternoon, with the Super Formula race queens taking over afterwards.

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If you’re finding yourself suddenly filled with a renewed appreciation for the virtue of punctuality, you can check out Bijin Tokei’s Circuit Clock 2015 right here. In the interest of full disclosure, we should mention that on occasion we did experience a few hiccups with the site, and sometimes found ourselves having to reload the page after leaving the tab open for an extended period of time. Being in the company of motorsport professionals, though, the Circuit Clock never caused our PC to crash.

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