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The other day, we decided to sneak out of the office and grab some coffee. And when we say sneak, we mean literally, as we made our Starbucks run slinking through the streets of Shinjuku while hiding under a cardboard box.

But while our Metal Gear-style tactics did get us to Outer Coffee Heaven safely and stealthily, there are two problems with our method. First, our crawling speed is pretty slow, even with the caffeine boost we enjoyed on the way back. Second, the cardboard box wouldn’t help us blend in with a more natural environment, which is why we now find ourselves wanting this amazing, perfectly camouflaged Japan Ground Self-Defense Force jeep.

YouTube user prior is a bit of a military hardware buff, as his channel is filled with videos of public demonstrations and Friendship Day open houses at the JSDF and U.S. Armed Forces installations around Japan. Earlier this year, prior made the trip to Chiba Prefecture’s Camp Narashino.

Being home to one of Japan’s crack airborne brigades, the personnel of Camp Narashino sometimes show off their cool helicopters and fast-rope descending skills. So at first, it might seem kind of mundane that on the day prior visited, the base also decided to show some guys driving around the training grounds in a jeep.

Still, there must be something cool going on, or else why would they bother to arrange a demonstration for the public? So let’s take a look at what prior and the others in attendance saw.

SD 1

Wait, where are the SDF personnel? Actually, if you look very closely, you can just make out the helmets being worn by two of them. Since there’s vegetation attached to their headgear, they’re kind of hard to spot, so we’ve marked them below.

SD 2

“Well, where’s the jeep?” some of you might be asking. Wait, you mean you can’t see it? Seriously? OK, we’ll mark that too.

SD 3

Don’t believe us? Here’s the video/proof.

Underneath all of those reeds is a Mitsubishi Type 73 Light Truck, an SDF-spec off-road vehicle derived from the company’s Pajero SUV.

SD 4

With the top removed and the body panels obscured, though, it looks like a bush when parked. In motion, it sort of looks like a fuzzy caterpillar, and a surprisingly graceful one at that, since the long grasses also cover up the crashing suspension bits and make it seem like it’s gliding smoothly over the uneven surface.

Of course, no single type of camouflage works from every possible angle, and the effectiveness is further compromised should you stand up while the vehicle is moving.

SF 5

On the other hand, doing so sort of makes it look like the Self-Defense Force has giant monsters under their control that they ride when going out on patrol, and we really can’t think of any piece of equipment which would be much more discouraging to outside military threats.

Source: IT Media
Top image: YouTube/prior
Insert images: YouTube/prior, Wikipedia/Syun2 (edited by RocketNews24)