A Japanese Twitter user was in for a gruesome surprise on Thursday when, while out getting some fresh air, he stumbled across an exceedingly unfortunate cat that appeared to have been heinously murdered in the streets (perhaps by some Bad Rats).

The doomed feline was lying on its side near what appears to be a parking lot, with copious amounts of “blood spatter” forming a grisly trail to the poor kitty.

But, there’s more to this crime scene than meets the eye.

Edit: As some of our readers have kindly pointed out, it seems that this image originally came from Singapore. 

Witnessing what seemed like a senselessly murdered neighborhood pet, Twitter user @__RINxRIN__, elected not to call Chip & Dale, Detective Buttons or some other anthropomorphic authority figure and decided to approach the kitty and investigate for himself.

Miraculously, as he approached, the feline raised its head, weakly at first, and then perked right up! We presume at this point the kitty looked the astonished @__RINxRIN__ in the eyes before casually licking its genitals and walking away as if nothing had happened.

Getting up close to get photos of the cat, the Twitter user then realized that the blood spatter wasn’t blood at all, but was in fact splattered red paint that the cat had – either by sheer, dumb coincidence or as part of some kind of cat insurance scam – chosen to lie down beside for a quick afternoon nap.

Glad the little rascal was okay after all, we presume @__RINxRIN__ went on to mildly amuse his friends or co-workers with the tale of the blood-spattered cat, while the lazy feline probably just relocated to somebody’s discarded delivery box to continue its nap.

Source and photo: Twitter