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It’s getting harder and harder to be a Peeping Tom. With anti-chikan policies and people becoming more vigilant at younger ages, they have to get creative if they’re going to get their illegal jollies.

But sometimes it’s possible to get a little too creative. One man in China dressed up as a woman so he could sneak peeks in women’s restrooms. But based on the costume he chose, it’s not entirely clear if he’s ever actually seen a woman before in his life.

The incident occurred at Tengzhou City in Shandong Province, eastern China. Someone called the police reporting “a strange ‘woman’ who was inside local library’s toilet in very strange clothes and looking at others in a small mirror.”

The police responded, entering the women’s restroom and catching the dressed-up man in the act. This, it is reported, is who they found:

▼ Well, I mean, that’s certainly a little off but not so bad for a-

peeping tom 01

▼ All right, I spoke too soon. He probably based his costume on the horrible angles of women he’s spied on in his mirror.

peeping tom 02

According to police reports, the suspect was wearing “thick makeup, a pearl necklace, long, white gloves, and red high heels.” He was taken to the police station where he admitted to spying on women in the bathroom not only this most recent time, but also several other times during the past five months.

Japanese netizens had a lot to comment on this, with many admitting to being impressed by the man despite the vulgar nature of his crime:

“His costume actually isn’t bad. If he’d been a bit more modest with the chest, it might’ve worked.”
“Yeah, but instead he ended up as the definition of trying too hard.”
“He tried so hard he came back around full circle.”
“What’s under the shirt anyway? Actual watermelons?”
“It’s like he just pieced together things that he’s seen on different women before.”
“I’m impressed, China. I would’ve expected this level of mania from Japan only.”
“The perfect embodiment of a pervert. We salute you!”

Well, at least we’ve come out of this having learned something: bonding over peeping in bathrooms is the solution to international conflicts in Asia. Who knew?

Source: Xinhuaxia News via Kinisoku
Images: Xinhuaxia News