A few weeks ago, in an attempt to add a little more beef to our site – which until recently had been dominated by beautiful ladies and Mr Sato – we introduced you guys to a gorgeous Filipino KFC manager. You seemed to like it, so here’s another hottie with a body: this Taiwanese night market seller who is clearly just too handsome to wear clothes.

Want to know more about him and see some more pics? Of course you do!

The sizzling hot street stall seller came to attention on the internet after Beautyexchange.com.hk uploaded some snaps of him to their official Facebook page.

▼ Food prep in a white shirt? Naw, you’re going to get food all over it. Better take it off…

Apparently, the super-hot young hunk is a student who helps out at his family’s stall in the night market during the school holidays. So he’s not only got incredible genes, he’s also responsible and cares for his family as well. That’s always important in a future husband (and those abs don’t hurt!).

▼ All that chopping has really given him a workout!

Several (clearly jealous) netizens were quick to criticise his sexy food-handling attire, wondering why he needed to be shirtless just to cook up some nosh. Well, we reckon this guy’s business-savvy as well as being gorgeous. He clearly knows that flashing those abs of his will bring all the ladies to his stall.

Hmm, how much are flights to Taiwan?

Source: Beautyexchange.com.hk via Singapore Seen
Images:  Beautyexchange.com.hk