What would the Internet be without cats? Yes, I am a dog-lover too, and our canine companions have their own rightful place in the worldwide web, but it is, without a doubt, the cat’s kingdom. This week’s new rising feline star is Tororo, an adorable white and orange Scottish-fold cat from Japan, who is doing an excellent job of imitating the stretchy characteristics of his namesake.

For those that don’t know, tororo is grated yam, often served with a raw egg, on soba noodles or rice. It is characterized by its stringy, stretchy texture. Much like this cat.

Tororo of the yam variety…

とろろImage: Yahoo! Japan Shopping

▼ …and Tororo of the cat variety.

The first time @tsuji5jp saw Tororo through the pet store window, it was love – and amusement – at first sight. @tsuji5jp writes: “This was the first time we ever met… I had absolutely no intention of getting a cat, but I was so taken by him I must’ve gone by that store everyday for a week…Seems like so long ago. But yeah, that’s a really odd way to sleep.”

Tororo has been living up to his first impression and his name ever since, being the longest, stretchiest, and gloopiest cat around.

▼ “Toro-chan has been watching TV like this the whoooole time…It’s been a while since I’ve seen him in this position…Seriously, what’s up with this cat?”

▼ A look at the rare snaraffe-cat. Part snake, part giraffe…We’re actually not sure if there’s any cat in there though.

▼ “If I remember correctly, I’m living with a cat…Is this really what cats are like?”

▼ The cat apparently melted all over the heater. I think he may be part ice cream too.

▼ Nothin’ to see here. Just chillin’ on the floor, checkin’ out this magazine.

▼ “Was folding laundry when this happened…If you’re that bored, Toro, then at least fold a handkerchief or something.”

▼ Unamused cat is unamused

Tororo may or  may not be aware of his growing online fandom, but we’re glad he’s in the spotlight now anyhow. The Internet can never have too many cute cats!

Source: Twitter @tsuji5jp via Togech
Featured image: Twitter @tsuji5jp