fail ninja 1

Watching people fall unexpectedly is our guilty little pleasure, so what could possibly make it better? How about Japan’s legendary assassins popping in at opportune moments to cause such falls? Face plants are great, but when they are caused by a ninja they become a lot funnier. Don’t take our word for it though; see the video after the jump!

Ninjas are Japan’s master spies and their exploits are legendary and mythical. They carefully sneak through the darkness, attack, and then retreat like they were never there in the first place. When they attack, it is usually with deadly consequences, which is why it’s so amusing to see them “cause” human clumsiness.

fail ninja 1

fail ninja 2

▼ The ninja strikes a victory pose, just to make sure you know this wasn’t the work of Street Fighter’s Chun-Li.

fail ninja 3

YouTube channel FailArmy normally compiles fail videos from around the Internet, but in this video where they add their own fail ninja, the laughs rise to comedy gold. It’s hard to tell when or where the fail ninja will strike, but his attacks are vicious and hysterical.

It’s hilarious to imagine the ninja toying with their adversaries the samurai in this way, but from history, we know that their rivalry is much, much more serious. Although, we all know history’s greatest battle is Pirates vs. Ninjas.

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