Time for your daily dose of cute! Continuing with our current trend of sleepy animals (first, we had Cocon the lazy Shiba inu, followed by Nike the sleepy pooping cat), here’s Nappa the yawning hamster! We’ve got all the cutest pictures and videos of Nappa’s adorable antics straight from his official Twitter account!

Let’s jump in at the deep end with some squee-worthy pics! Here’s Nappa hanging out in a teapot.

▼ He can be our guest any day!

▼ Everyone who’s ever owned a hammy knows that there’s nothing they love more than used toilet rolls!

▼ Oh no! Nappa’s just a little too tubby to fit comfortably through these mug handles. Time for some hamster push-ups, perhaps?

▼ Or perhaps he should just lay off the extra portions of cake?

▼ Bag up that hammy! We’ll take it to go!

▼ Do you take sugar in your tea, or hamster?

▼ Sunflower seeds are Nappa’s favourite noms.

▼ But he also goes bananas for, well, dried bananas.

▼ “Cabbage?! Don’t patronise me, human!”


▼ Nappa promises to behave himself next time, as long as he doesn’t have to go on a D-I-E-T.

▼ Food withdrawal’s giving Nappa the twitches!

▼ When he’s not napping or stuffing his cheeks, Nappa’s actually pretty enterprising for a hamster – he even has his own line of stamps on LINE, Japan’s instant-messaging app!

▼ Finally, here’s Nappa showcasing his jaw-dropping yawning!

Too cute! Now we’re feeling sleepy… and snacky. Has anyone got any mixed nuts?

Source: Hamusoku
Main Image: Twitter @nappa_mama