Whenever somebody asks me whether I’m a “cat person” or a “dog person”, I feel slightly sad because it feels as if cats and dogs are the only domestic pets anyone really cares about. And things get even sadder when I answer that I’m a “rabbit person”, and the person who asked the question simply goes “oh yeah, rabbits are really cute”, and the conversation dies.

Well, sorry if rabbits aren’t “mainstream” enough for you, but this fluffy bunny with ears like an angel’s wings is stealing the spotlight today! Cats and dogs, make way for Wally the English Angora!

If you’ve seen a similar massive hairball before, you might recall that Angora rabbits are a breed well-known for their extremely voluminous, ultra-plush coat. You might have also come across the name on your clothing tags, as Angora fur is often used to make high-quality sweaters and coats.

▼ Wally, before he got his signature do.

Just like caring for long-haired felines and canines, caring for long-haired bunnies such as an Angora takes extra dedication as their characteristic coats require frequent brushing. Even then, most Angora rabbit owners keep their bunny’s fur long, because that’s their trademark look after all, and also what they’re prized for. Changing up the game is Wally the buck from Massachusetts with his adorable haircut!

▼ Angel wings, butterfly wings… whatever you want to call them. Wally’s ears are out of this world!

▼ His ears are so wonderful, even butterflies are attracted to it.

▼ Look at how they fly in the wind as he runs!

▼ He’s got a cute tushy too.

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Let us begin the week with a bunny rump!

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▼ Sometimes he looks like a stuffed toy.

▼ This beautiful bunny is for real.

We all know that rabbits are known for their long ears, but I’ve never seen a rabbit with such glamorous ones before! Wally’s unique haircut not only reveals his cute little face, a feature which is commonly hidden under layers upon layers of fur in the case of Angora rabbits, but the long hair on his ears also puts extra emphasis on his magnificent ears too. This fuzzy darling needs a halo!

▼ Wally and his beautiful owner, Molly.

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Source/Images: Instagram (@wally_and_molly)