As with a lot of very traditional, very storied sports like bullfighting or, I don’t know, bocce ball, sumo wrestling tends to attract an older demographic of spectators. In fact, kids these days aren’t even really all that interested in sumo, probably because of its near endless pre-fight ritual that often lasts many times longer than the quick, 30-second payoff of the actual bout.

But old folks, well, they’ve got all the time in the world and really love all the old-timey belly slapping and posturing, so it’s pretty common when you watch sumo on TV or even go to the stadium yourself to see the stadium filled with octogenarians. And with some older folks being a little on the forgetful side, we’d imagine there’s a large variety of forgotten items left in stadium seats…

Twitter user ‏@agohigeazarashi (and yes, I’m aware that my job has essentially consisted of combing Twitter for weird photos of late) recently posted this slightly disturbing snapshot of a sumo stadium seat in the non-reserved section that appeared to be adorned with a forgotten (?) pair of dentures.

Now this would be one hell of an oversight on the part of the almost-certainly elderly patron who left the false teeth, but as @agohigeazarashi’s observations reveal, there may have been an even more cunning, wily-old-man reason for the dentures being there:

See, in Japan, it’s common to leave items – sometimes even valuable items like purses and cell phones – on seats to de facto “reserve” them in places like restaurants, cafes and bars. While theft of such items is almost unheard of in law-abiding Japan, some folks don’t buy in to the unwritten social rule, figuring if there’s not a warm body there saving the space, it’s fair game.

@agohigeazarashi proposes that these dentures were actually placed on the seat intentionally by an elderly patron who wanted to make absolutely sure that no one was going to steal his rightfully reserved seat as he wandered off to the restroom.

If true, it’s a brilliant strategy and one that we’re certain would have work. And it’s also the exact reason I will from this day forth carry a loose condom around with me where I go.

Source: Hachima Kikou
Photo: Twitter