As stated directly on our Facebook page, RocketNews24 strives to bring you the very best of “News, entertainment and wonderfully weird stuff from Japan and Asia. Oh, and cats. Obviously.”

We take those words very seriously, and what better way to live up to them than by sharing a post about cats IN Japan? Everyone, it’s time for another round of your favorite silly kitty Maru, starring in “Maru’s new walking style!”

We’ve come to expect nothing short of brilliance from Japan’s most famous cat, and this time Maru proves again that he’s an international trendsetting force to be reckoned with. In true Maru fashion, this latest video has already garnered over 123,000 likes from his devoted human followers, proving his popularity the world over.

Check out the video yourself, or scroll down to see Maru’s highlights captured in screenshot form:

▼ “What’s this?” Maru stumbles upon an opened cardboard box.


▼ “I think I’ll stick my head in it.” Naturally.


▼ Telescope vision?


▼ “I’ll go for a stroll in my new getup.”


▼ “Time for my model walk!”


▼ “Hey Hana, what’s up? Don’t you like my new style?”


▼”Phew, this headgear is heavy. I need a break now.”


Don’t be alarmed if your own precious Fluffy begins parading around with her head in a box–those other cats have to keep up with Maru’s excellent trend-setting fashions, after all!

Source/Images: YouTube (mugumogu)