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We’ve talked before about yuru-kyara, Japan’s adorable illustrated mascots. But cute manga-style horses and anthropomorphic pears aren’t the only local spokescharacters you’ll find in Japan, as some regions of the country are also represented by “Local Heroes,” (Gotouchi Hiro in Japanese), Power Ranger or Kamen Rider-like defenders of their communities.

One of the more popular Local Heroes is Neiger, whose mission is to protect Akita Prefecture’s people, mountains, and seas. Akita is a pretty safe and sleepy part of Japan, though, and not exactly the kind of place that’s under constant threats that require a superhero-level response. So what’s he been doing with all of his downtime?

Growing rice, apparently.

Like all proper superheroes, Neiger has a secret identity as an ordinary Akita resident named Ken Akita (which, when you flip it around and say it Japanese-style, family name first, becomes Akita Ken, a homonym for “people of Akita”). Still, when there’s danger about, he transforms into Local Hero Neiger.

▼ Neiger, seen on the far right, along with fellow Local Heroes Neiger Zion and Aragemaru

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Armed with his kiri-tampo mochi fighting sticks and buri yellowtail tuna pistol (both based on Akita delicacies), Neiger is ready to do battle with the forces of evil.

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And should said forces of evil fail to show up, he’s ready to raise some Akita komachi rice, the prefecture’s most famous agricultural product, in the most surreal way possible: tranquilly toiling in the fields while wearing his full combat uniform.

This seems to be a new line of work for Neiger, as he’s been updating his official Twitter (which has an impressive 54,000-plus followers) with pictures of his rice paddy activities.

Neiger may not have his own Batwing-like private jet, but he clearly has the Caped Crusader beat in terms of agricultural-use vehicles and equipment.

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▼ He’s even got his own sub-compact truck for when he has to leave the farm.

▼ The fearless Neiger isn’t afraid of working with his hands, either.

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And don’t worry, even though the industrious Neiger is pulling double-duty as a superhero and a farmer, he still hasn’t forgotten the importance of having a little fun every now and again.

Here’s hoping he enjoys it while he can, though, because come harvest time, he’s going to be busy.

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