Weibo, the Chinese microblogging site, is full of people of all walks of life, just like Facebook or Twitter, we suppose. Everyone from your average Joes to 15-year-olds with more plastic surgery than Hollywood can get together, share pictures, and argue ad nauseam. The last Weibo user we saw with a ton of work done certainly hit a nerve with Internet users across the world, though she apparently did not give a crap what we thought. And good for her! Listening to the haters is a sure way to ruin a good day.

But now, a new angular face has appeared on the scene, and it looks like he’s not bowing to the Weibo hate either. Though we’re not sure his “deny, deny, deny” tactic is going to work out quite as well as he’s hoping.

417Liu Zi-chen, an 18-year-old who goes by the online name Snake Spirit Boy, has the kind of jawline you wouldn’t expect to see anywhere outside manga illustrations. And, like Danae last month, he’s pale, very thin, and seems to have an affinity for iris-enlarging contact lenses.

But unlike Danae, Snake Spirit Boy is claiming he hasn’t had any cosmetic surgery done.

Chinese Internet users aren’t buying it, though, and the shapely young man been accused of – *gasp* not on the internet!? – lying. Apparently, someone managed to dig up an old photo of the youth, pictured above, ostensibly proving his claims untrue. However, Snake Spirit Boy countered that the photo on the left only looks different because it was taken half a decade ago — though he did eventually concede that he’d had some work done. On his nose.

108As for his chin, SSB (as we’re calling him) insists that he was able to mold it to pointy perfection with face masks. Like many commenters on Weibo, we’re a bit, um, skeptical.

In addition to close-ups of his angular face, the young man has also posted a slew of nude and semi-nude photos on social media. In the interest of keeping things as safe for work as possible, we’ll just use this one to illustrate the bizarre direction this story is taking.


With all the hate on his page, SSB decided to fight back…by claiming his detractors were just jealous, bragging about his cash, overseas lifestyle, and huge number of cell phones. He’s not entirely wrong about that — we wouldn’t mind a bit of that cash bed he apparently sleeps in.

The 18-year-old has also declared that his photos are works of art, which is something we’ve decided we are unqualified to judge. After all, how many painters have found fame while they were alive?


Well, Snake Spirit Boy, we’re not sure we believe you, but we’re also fine with you doing whatever makes you feel happy. But if we have any advice for you, maybe don’t brag about how much money you have? We hear that might rub people the wrong way…

Reference: Shanghaiist
Images: GetJoys

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