Beauty queen and “too cute to be true” Japanese model Ami Takeuchi released her first idol DVD on May 17 at a handshake and photo event for fans. Takeuchi’s DVD is not only the model’s first – it’s also being touted as the first ever idol DVD by a “new half” – the Japanese term for a trans female.

And at the launch event, Takeuchi spoke of the need for change, and her hope that Japanese society can become a place where it is easier for trans people to come out.

Takeuchi is a guradoru (Japanese “idol” models who wear skimpy clothes) – which makes her new DVD the very first released by a guradoru model who is also openly transgender.

You can watch the whole interview below (no English subs, though, sorry!). The first questions are about surgery: Takeuchi explains that she has had breast augmentation, as well as genital surgery.

Although I’m transgender, it’s just a regular idol DVD,” she said of the new DVD (so, sexy pictures of her in various skimpy outfits, then). Takeuchi added that she chose the situations and outfits for the photos herself. Asked about her plans for the future, she explained:

“As the first new half idol model, I want to lead the way. All new half [trans women] are different, but I’d like to see the creation of a new genre [in modelling]. I’ll work to make a society where it’s easier for trans women to come out.

▼ The idol and model also posted photos from the event on her blog, thanking fans for their support.

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▼ Watch Ami’s self-introduction and interview answers below.

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Featured image: Takeuchi Ami Blog