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There’s an unwritten rule when visiting Taiwan, be sure to lose a few pounds before you go because you’ll be gaining it back eating all the delicious food. The real danger lies in the street food; the choices are vast, impressive, and even sometimes staffed by cuties wielding a knife.

But as much fun as the people are, sometimes the food does all the talking. One stall is making a name for itself, though, by selling food you probably don’t want to be seen gobbling up by the mouthful.

This video log combines an exotic location with really awkward food and a whole bunch of laughs. YouTuber Micaela has been posting videos about her life and travels in Asia, but this particular incident warranted a video of its own.

▼ The following video might not be safe for work…but it is just food.

What do you do when you encounter a wiener shaped like a wiener? Seriously, these are going for the realistic look, they’ve even got veins and everything.

stall food 1

This stall in Taipei sells a “hot dog” shaped like a penis, but they also use their molds for popsicles in fun fruit flavors! So when it’s hot out, you can be seen walking around lapping up an embarrassingly shaped frozen treat.

stall food 2

stall food 3

The stall owners know how visually bracing their food is, as they encourage Micaela to take pictures together with the phallic food.

stall food 4

In the end, she can’t bring herself to buy one, but the stall knows some good advertising when they see it and give her a freebie. It’s hard to turn down free food, even when it’s penis shaped.

stall food 5

Her adventures don’t stop there as random pedestrians can’t keep themselves from looking at the girl with a camera and the suggestive popsicle. Even a curious dog wants in on the action.

▼ He seems so hot, just let him lick it.

stall food 6

Micaela was right, this definitely deserved its own video, and hopefully she shares more of her food adventures in future videos. You can check out her previous travel videos on her YouTube page.

Is this the most “realistic looking” food you’ve seen? Surely our readers have encountered many other foods shaped like body parts, so share your favorites in the comments.

Source: YouTube (Micaela ミカエラ)
Featured Image: YouTube (Micaela ミカエラ), edited by RocketNews24
Images: YouTube (Micaela ミカエラ)