We can’t stop watching this video of this kitty in the tub. There’s something so hypnotic about it.

Maybe it’s the blissful yet still somewhat ambivalent expression on the face of the cat. Maybe it’s the little hand towel balanced on its head like it’s an old Japanese dude in a hot spring. Maybe it’s the yellow bath water (what’s in it, custard?). We have no idea, but we’ve watched it approximately a thousand times in a row and can’t decide what’s going through kitty’s mind.

In the video shared by a Chinese uploader, the sodden kitty seems to be either enjoying its bathtime too much to move, or, though hopefully not, hating it so much that it’s paralysed with rage. It’s really hard to tell!

Watch the video and see if you think Kitty loves it or hates it!

▼ This is definitely a “Hoomin, please” kind of look…

▼ Then again, it looks kinda cosy and comfy! We bet that water’s nice and warm, and the kitty seems to be making no attempt to hop out of the tub…

Besides, some kitties quite like taking a dip. Here are some adorable tiny ginger kittens taking a bath!

One of them is giving its sibling a bath in the bath!

Cats, on the whole, aren’t known for loving bathtime. But we think there’s nothing more adorable than a soggy, happy, kitty in the tub. Have you ever given your kitty a bath?

Source: Net Labo
Images: Screenshot via YouTube – 周瑞宗