Here at RocketNews24 we advocate responsible pet ownership. So don’t rush out and buy a Shiba Inu just because they’re totally, incredibly, frickin’ adorable. Stay at home instead! And look at these amazing photos of a family in Hong Kong that has six Shiba.

This too-cute-to-be true photo set comes courtesy of Facebook user SHIBA INU ZERO, who posts pics and videos of their six pets just hangin’ out, doing doggy things, and generally reinforcing our theory that Shiba Inu are actually humans in disguise.

▼Like this time they built a human pyramid – er, sorry, Shiba pyramid.

shiba12All photos: SHIBA INU ZERO

▼ Or hung out with their best friend.


▼ Or that time they had a pizza party.

shiba11* N.B. We asked Google Sensei, and apparently you’re not supposed to give dogs pizza. Maybe the pizza was for the humans in the family, and the dogs are just standing guard? Loyally, adorably standing guard.

▼ That time their mum made them wear the same clothes.


▼ Sometimes, you just need to be alone with your thoughts.


▼ Or to relax and smell the flowers.


▼ They always help each other out. Like this time they, er, cleaned each other’s teeth…?


▼ “Remember that night? That was the best dog-gone night ever!”


▼ And then there was that time they went exploring at the seaside.


▼ Six Shiba Inu, lined up and ready to roll.


▼ “Wait, where’s the other one?!” Maybe he’s taking the picture.


▼ Mostly, they just like to chill out, whether that’s at home…


▼ …or in the park.


▼But we’ve saved the best till last, Rocketeers. Let’s not forget the time they had a full-blown doggy dinner party.


Also, check out that doggy-themed decor! These owners are serious Shiba fans. And we are seriously impressed.

Source: SHIBA INU ZERO via karapaia
All photos: SHIBA INU ZERO