Following the success of other popular toy franchises turned Hollywood films such as Transformers and G.I. Joe, Paramount Pictures has announced that they have acquired the rights to make a live-action Beyblade film.

The latest toy-turned live-action Hollywood flick will be the internationally popular Japanese toy franchise Beyblade, which encompasses various media forms all revolving around the concept of spinning battle tops inhabited by powerful ‘bit-beasts.’

The original Beyblade manga was first serialized in Japan’s CoroCoro Comic from 1999-2003, eventually spawning a three-season anime TV series, film, spin-offs, and of course, the actual line of toys developed by toy manufacturer Takara (now known as Takara Tomy). The series achieved international popularity after its initial release success in America and South Korea. A sequel–also known as the second generation–to the series, Metal Fight Beyblade (Beyblade: Metal Fusion), was released in 2008. The third generation, Beyblade Burst, is set to premiere this July. 

The anime follows a group of young teenagers called the Bladebreakers who take on other teams in various beyblade tournaments:

▼ The original Japanese opening of the first TV anime series, Beyblade

▼The original English opening

For the most part, Japanese net users reacted with incredulity upon hearing the news of a live-action film adaptation:

“Wha!?!?!!?!? Lolololololol”

“What? Are American-style monsters gonna come out of the beyblades??”

“Super nostalgic…”

“I’d rather have them make a Mini 4WD live-action film than a Beyblade one.”

“‘Go, Dragoon!!‘ Heh”

“Hey, how about a Zoids live-action next?”

The live-action film is being spearheaded by Mary Parent, who served as producer for Pacific Rim and last year’s American version of Godzilla. No other specific release details have been announced at this time.

Sources: Crank-In via My Game News Flash
Image: YouTube (BakutenShootBeyblade)