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Summer is almost here! For most of us on the north side of the equator, that usually means grabbing your towel, swimsuit, and maybe your swim ring for a trip to the beach. What better way to spent the season than lazily floating along the shore in a rubber tube to stay cool and beat the heat?

The only catch is that sometimes blowing up one of those swim rings can be a serious pain. Not for Tian Pan, a 39-year-old man from Fujian, China, though. Choosing to forgo the traditional method of blowing into the hole on the ring with your mouth, he decided to accomplish the task by blowing it up with his ears instead!

You may be just as skeptical as I was before watching the video below, but apparently it’s possible! As to how or why? Beats me! But by using a device that resembles a stethoscope attached to a friend’s swim ring out in the water, Pan is successfully able to get his friend floating in no time.

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At under one minute and 40 seconds, his method might be faster than using your mouth, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be any less difficult or exhausting than doing it the regular way.

Still don’t believe it can be done?  Check out the video for yourself!

I know I’m certainly not talented enough to pull this off, but what about you all? Either way, if you’ve got some free time over the summer it might be an impressive skill to learn to wow you friends next time you’re at the pool or hanging out by the shore after you’ve had a few.

Source:  YouTube/FREAKING VIDEO h/t Zaeega (Japanese)
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