cat maze 3

Any cat owner knows that it’s not the awesome new toy that’s exciting for your pet, but the cardboard box that the toy comes in. No matter how much you spend on the toy, you might as well have just gone to the grocery store and picked up a dozen cardboard boxes. So why not set up a fort of boxes and just let the cats play?

That’s because the mayhem is too cute for words.

YouTuber 9 Cats. and oddly enough owner of nine cats, knows just what to do to amuse her pride of feline compatriots. Find 15 identical boxes and set them up as a jumping maze that her kitties can get lost in.

It seems only the most adventurous come to check out the new labyrinth at first, but eventually the whole family joins in on the fun. cat maze 1

cat maze 2

And if you find that you’re the only one playing in the boxes, how about enjoying a round of solo patty cake?

Catcake animated

We can only hope this is a permanent setup in the 9 Cats. household, but from the looks of their other videos, they seem to have plenty of fun with just each other. Check out their page for more videos of the antics of nine cats living in the same household!

Source: YouTube (9 Cats.) via Hamsoku
Images: YouTube (9 Cats.)