If you’re a fan of cyclops girls, unique visual novels, or perhaps even unique visual novels featuring cyclops girls, then we have good news for you.

Game developer Creepy Cute is living up to its name by releasing the game Love at First Sight, a visual novel where you only have eyes for one girl: Sachi Usui. She’s a one-eyed high school girl who straddles the line between terrifying and adorable so perfectly that it’s scary.

Love at First Sight was original a Japanese visual novel with the title “Hitomebore,” which translates to “love at first sight” in English, but literally means “falling in love with one eye.” This linguistic quirk might be what inspired for the game’s love-interest, Sachi Usui, an emotionally and physically scarred one-eyed high school girl who you have hopelessly fallen in love with after transferring to her school.

▼ “…don’t stare …don’t stare …don’t stare.”


▼ “Oh no I stared! …and it was wonderful!


▼ Of course we go through the usual steps of any visual novel relationship: first, the hesitation.


▼ Then the confession!


▼ And finally the “d’aww she’s so cute!” phase.


▼ Apparently there are some two-eyed freaks at your school too, so watch out for them.


According to reviews of the game, it’s basically what you would expect from a typical Japanese visual novel. There’s only one path to follow, and aside from the very creepy visuals, there’s nothing too eye-popping here… aside from the obvious.

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-ordinary dating sim that attempts thematic depth on the level of Katawa Shojo then you might be disappointed, but if you just want to enjoy a fun story with some creepy yet loveable characters Love at First Sight might be exactly what you’re looking for. You can also switch back and forth between English and Japanese, letting you get whichever language experience you prefer.

If Love at First Sight has caught your eye, you can download it on Steam for $9.99. Just don’t blame us for any confusing one-eyed nightmares/dreams you may have as a result.

Source: Steam (Love at First Sight) via My Game News Flash and Inside Games
Featured/top image: Steam (Love at First Sight)